What dog breed do you look like? Fun site What-Dog.net helps you find out

You may consider your dog a member of the family, but have you ever considered that there may be a family resemblance?

A new Microsoft website — What-Dog.net — can tell you exactly which pup breed you could pass for.

For instance, TODAY’s own Hoda Kotb recently learned she shares her sweet looks and flowing locks with the Afghan hound.

If Hoda were a dog, she’d be a…


And former TODAY anchor Meredith Vieira? The similarities between her and a clever cocker spaniel can’t be ignored.


But what’s the point of this pooch comparison tool? Well, the real purpose behind the website is to identify breeds from photos of actual dogs.

But the site wasn’t live long before the Internet decided it would be more fun to plug in pictures of people — and we couldn’t agree more.

The website — and corresponding free app Fetch! — relies on similar artificial intelligence technology employed by Microsoft’s online age-guessing hit from last year, How-old.net.

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And just like How-Old.net, sometimes What-Dog.net gets it wrong.

For instance:

I’m not wary of other dogs at all.

But ultimately, it seems What-Dog.net knows its limits.

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