‘They took my floaty!’ Watch bears take over family’s pool

There’s really no better way to beat the August heat than by taking a dip in a cool pool. Everyone knows that — even bears.

Watch: Family of bears holds backyard pool party, to child’s dismay


That’s what one New Jersey family found out when they discovered black bears frolicking in their backyard.

The Basso family kept their cameras rolling as a mama bear and her five cubs took over their pool and played with nearby toys. Some of the cubs even climbed up the slide.

“They look like teddy bears, don’t they?” the mom can be heard asking her child as they look on from a safe distance inside their home.

But the little one wasn’t so soothed by the visit, crying out, “They took my floaty!”

The bears eventually got to mom’s floaty, too.

“Hey, Mrs. Bear!” she shouted. “That was expensive.”

But the experience was priceless.

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