Target Australia’s new swimwear ad promotes body positivity and diversity

In an effort to feature more diverse models in its campaigns, Target Australia just released new advertisements featuring women of all shapes, sizes and ages.

The swimwear ad displayed as a spread in the company’s Christmas catalog, which showcases six different women, seem to have made the folks Down Under very happy.

After Target Australia posted the new ad to Facebook on Wednesday, commenters from all over were noticing and praising their efforts to be inclusive. It’s not the first foray into the body-positive scene by the retailer: They began debuting plus-size mannequins in their stores in September.

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“I opened the catalog and was so surprised and happy!” one user, Pixie Normus, wrote. “I can now see what clothes will look like on my bigger frame.”

“Please make this the norm, Target,” Lisa Garcia wrote. “If everyone can feel more accepted, I think people would buy more rather than think we can’t buy something until we look a certain way. Receiving this catalog was such a joy.”

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Mel Brady, one of the models featured in the new ad, took to Instagram to express how she felt about the company’s willingness to embrace body-positive imagery.

“Very proud of how well I’ve done to represent my baby boomer demographic in a youthful way,” she wrote.

The striking photos come just months after Target launched their “A Fit for Every Body” swimwear campaign.

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