Registries gone wild: Couples ask for cars, toilets

Some couples stock their registries with conventional choices like china and cookware.

If that sounds a little too boring, consider asking your friends and family to splurge on a fish tank that doubles as a toilet, a toaster that imprints an image of Darth Vader into your bread or a killer whale submarine.

These items are just a few examples of unconventional registry choices, said Nancy Lee of

More than 1 million couples sign up for presents each year, according to the annual Knot Market Intelligence Bridal Registry Study. It’s a big business, too, with guests spending $10 billion to celebrate the nuptials.

While the most popular items are bakeware and kitchen appliances, Lee said more couples are getting imaginative with their gift lists.

“Now the flood-gates are completely open, because you can add absolutely anything from any store on the planet,” Lee told TODAY.

Last year, the Knot study found that nearly 10 percent of couples used a “universal” registry, which allows the bride and groom to grab gifts from all corners of the Internet.

That could include a brand new car – or at least parts of it. Dodge offers its own registry for the Dart, where gift givers can put money toward parts like the engine, power windows or speedometer.

Brandy McClain and Michael Tillett, who are getting married in a few months, decided on wedding wheels for their registry and are thrilled with their choice.

If this all seems a little over the top, Lee sees it a bit differently: “One couple’s wacky is another couple’s desire.”