Prince George’s $39 robe sells out after he wears it while meeting the Obamas

Call it the Prince George effect. The plush white robe worn by the young royal toddler during his meeting with President Obama has sold out.

Prince George’s adorable robe is sold out


The white and blue-trimmed robe flew off the shelves shortly after he was photographed wearing it last Friday while meeting with the president and first lady Michelle Obama during their visit to Kensington Palace for a dinner with George’s parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and uncle Prince Harry.

Image of Prince George meeting with President Obama at Kensington Palace
President Obama and Prince William talk with Prince George at Kensington Palace on April 22, 2016.The White House via Getty Images

“Fit for a prince!” according to the description of the $39 robe, sold by My 1st Years, which expressed disbelief over what happened.

Image of Prince George shaking hands with President Obama
A close-up of Prince George’s robe, which sold out shortly after this photograph was published.The White House via Getty Images

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“We can’t believe Prince George wore our robe to meet President Obama. Doesn’t he look adorable!?” the U.K. company wrote on Instagram. “You guys have gone crazy for it & it’s already sold out.”

Never fear, the retailer said the robes are still available for pre-order.

Image of Prince George on rocking horse in front of President Obama
Prince George plays on the rocking horse that the Obamas gave to him following his birth.EPA

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge allowed Prince George to stay up 15 minutes past his bedtime to meet with the Obamas and show off the rocking horse the couple gave him as a baby gift.

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In addition to his plush robe, George also was wearing a pair of navy velvet slippers with red biplanes. But the $17 shoes, sold by Trotters Childrenswear, also are sold out.

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This isn’t the first time clothing sported by the young prince have generated an online frenzy. Sweaters that George wore for a Christmas holiday photo and while visiting his mother after the birth of his sister also sold out.

George appears to be emulating the fashion style of his mother, who frequently helps the sale of various items she wears in public.

Prince George stays up past his bedtime to greet Obama