Nicole Kidman explains those ‘seal hands’ at the Oscars

This year’s Academy Awards was rife with scandal — specifically that one unbelievable moment when the wrong film was announced as the best picture winner. But there’s an even bigger mystery that still has us head-scratching: Nicole Kidman’s super weird clapping.

Well, it appears the actress was listening because she recently cleared up the “seal clap” matter on the Australian radio show “Kyle and Jackie O.”

“It was really difficult because I had a huge ring on that was not my own but was absolutely gorgeous,” Kidman, 49, told the hosts. “And I was terrified of damaging it.”

Nicole Kidman
BLING IT ON! Nicole Kidman wore sparkling jewels at the 2017 Academy Awards.Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

This makes so much sense! The star sported 119 carats worth of Harry Winston jewels that evening, according to People magazine, and almost 14 carats of that was wrapped around her finger in the form of a stunning pear-shaped diamond ring. We’d be terrified to even move wearing a ring that size — let alone clap!

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“It was really awkward,” Kidman said. “And I was like, gosh I want to clap. I don’t want to not be clapping, which would be worse.”

2017 Oscars: Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban
How could you not be careful wearing that rock! AP

In addition to gamely greeting starstruck fans fresh off a tour bus that night, the actress also discreetly altered her dress halfway through the ceremony. So we have to commend her for enjoying the moment and clapping the best she can — seal hands be damned!