Margot Robbie’s stylist swears by this shoe spray to make heels less painful

Margot Robbie might’ve suffered a minor wardrobe malfunction at the Oscars, but one thing she didn’t have to worry about was staying comfy in her high heels.

That’s because the Oscar nominee had a brilliant trick up her sleeve: Still Standing, a natural foot spray that helps nip high heel pain in the bud. As any woman can attest, standing and walking in heels for hours on end can be a literal pain, so it’s great to know that something can help!

Still Standing Spray
Shoe pain could very well be a thing of the past with this brilliant spray.Still Standing

The “I, Tonya” actress can thank her stylist, Kate Young, for introducing her to the patent-pending spray, which works to prevent pain from high heels and stilettos. In a statement to TODAY Style, Young’s rep revealed the stylist is a fan of the spray and used it on Robbie the other night.

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Still Standing Spray


So, how does it work? Well, cooling menthol teams up with aloe, eco-distilled arnica (an ingredient from flowers) and ilex (from a holly-like plant) to prevent inflammation and relieve pain, leaving your tootsies in good hands. And, in case you’re worried, the paraben-free spray won’t numb your feet.

All you have to do is spray a bit of Still Standing ($35, Amazon) on the top, sides and bottom of your feet, and let it dry for a few minutes before putting on your shoes. Then the magic happens!

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Lyn Butler, founder of Still Standing, told TODAY Style she created the spray out of necessity. “I wanted to come up with a natural, drug-free way to stop the ‘stiletto suffering’ that my favorite shoes always caused,” she said. “But I didn’t think numbing the foot was a very good idea.”

Butler realized that in order to prevent shoe pain, she would have to prevent the swelling, so she worked with a team of cosmetic chemists to develop an anti-inflammatory formula.

Naturally, the entrepreneur has developed a few other tricks for staying comfy in her shoes, and she said it all starts with wearing the right shoe size. “Your shoe size may change depending on what kind of shoes you wear,” she said.

Butler also recommends arch pads for additional support and recommends selecting your insoles carefully. “Don’t ever use an insole unless when you bought the shoes, you had the insole with you and made your size and style selection with the insole in the shoe,” she said. “If you add an insole later, it automatically makes the shoe tighter, which causes irritation.”

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Image: 90th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals /2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Radhika Jones - Arrivals
Margot Robbie at the Oscars and later that night at the Vanity Fair after-party. EPA / Getty Images

Style expert George Brescia also adds that the type of shoe you wear can make a big difference on your comfort level. Brescia, who’s never used Still Standing, steers his clients in the direction of shoes like block heels or wedges.

“A stiletto heel puts more pressure on your back,” he told TODAY Style. “If you wear a platform style shoe, you don’t have as strong of a pitch. With a small pitch, your foot is at a less severe angle, and that can relieve pressure.”

Sadly, Still Standing won’t help or prevent blisters — when you find that product, let us know! — but judging by the height of Robbie’s chic Jimmy Choo “Minny” sandals at the Oscars, and the smile on her face, we’re guessing it does a pretty good job.

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