Louis Licari on the best hairstyles for pregnant women

Every day at the salon, I find that another woman is bursting at the seams to tell me she is with child. They sometimes tell me even before anyone else outside of their immediate family, and I think it is because they can finally say the words, “I’m pregnant!” They always have that slight smile that radiates with peace and gratitude.

The other reason they talk to me is because they are wondering how to manage their hair during pregnancy, because they want to look their most beautiful during this very happy time. The most frequently asked question is what they should do differently now that they are expecting, so here are some of my favorite hair tips for pregnant women.

If You’re Going for a Cut…

Avoid very short or very long hairstyles. Your face shape and body proportions will obviously change during pregnancy. Excessively long or short hairstyles can make your face look fuller and emphasize your changing body shape. Hair is best worn chin- to shoulder-length with a long bang and soft lines on the side to disguise any pregnancy weight.

Always part your hair off to the side instead of in the middle. This is usually the most flattering and slimming style for women who are pregnant.

Cut your hair in long layers to give you added height and body at the root of your hair. Use a styling product such as a root lift or body-building spray.


Keep your hair in a loose high ponytail or in a messy updo. If a few tendrils fall, don’t fret. The height and wisp around your face will instantly help you look thinner.

If You Want (or Need!) to Dye Your Hair…

Should you color your hair during pregnancy? This is the million-dollar question. I always recommend that the woman talk to her doctor and ask his opinion. The doctors make the rules; I follow them. Make sure your doctor is aware of the type of color you are planning. Most women wait out their first trimester and then rush to make an appointment. Talk to your hair colorist about alternative means of coloring your hair. You can choose a temporary color, such as a crayon, mascara wand or hair-color powder, in which the results will only last one shampoo. If you make your hair lighter, I would suggest you highlight your hair using foils. This color technique will prevent any hair color from touching your scalp. Obviously, by following these guidelines, your hair will end up being closer to its natural hue until you can resume your normal routine. In the meantime…

Try a zigzag part. Straight parts will showcase your roots, especially if you have straight hair. A zigzag part will break up the line of demarcation and help make your roots less obvious. If you have natural curls or waves, let them show. They will add a natural lift and will disguise your new growth.

Avoid slicked-back hairstyles because they will only emphasis your roots. Loose, soft styles will help your hair to grow out gracefully until you can color it again.

As you know, pregnant women are famous for their inner glow and beauty. Modifying your beauty routine will guarantee a beautiful appearance inside and out throughout your pregnancy.


Celebrity hairstylist Louis Licari is our hair expert and a ‘Today’ show contributor. We love his Ambush Makeovers on Fridays! Follow the “King of Color” on Twitter: @louislicari.

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.