Hoda Kotb has a creative (and crazy!) trick to make high heels more comfortable

When it comes to making high heels more comfortable, we’ll try pretty much anything — and Hoda Kotb may have just found the most creative heel hack yet!

She demonstrated her clever strategy for adding a little extra cushioning to high heels during TODAY’s fourth hour on Tuesday, joined by guest host Mel B.

Hoda’s secret? Maxi pads!

Hoda Kotb reveals the (surprising!) way she makes heels more comfortable


“You take the maxi pad … don’t get the one with wings … and put it inside the shoe,” she said as she demonstrated the simple style trick. “It sticks because of the sticky stuff.”

Hoda heels hack: Maxi pads
Maxi pads are the perfect shoe cushions, according to Hoda … they’re soft and self-adhesive! TODAY

“I’m telling you, you are going to feel like you are on a cloud,” Hoda added.

Mel B was a little skeptical at first, but after she slipped a pad into her own leopard-print stilettos, the “America’s Got Talent” judge was completely convinced.

“Yes, actually, yes!” she said as she walked around. “(It’s) so much nicer, oh my God!”

This also seems like a great way to improve the fit of slighty-too-big shoes. Maybe just remember not to slip off your shoes in public while employing this particular fashion hack!

Of course, Hoda is the master of finding new, creative uses for everyday items — she’s even been known to rock Ziploc bag purses on the red carpet.

Hoda's tip for making heels more comfortable
Mel B is totally on board. TODAY

Margot Robbie also swears by a creative solution to walking around in heels all day – a patent-pending spray that works to prevent pain from high heels and stilettos. Still Standing Shoe Spray is available on Amazon and works to prevent inflammation and relieve pain with aloe, menthol and other soothing ingredients.

Wear your high heels all day with this simple trick