Glitter beards are the latest trend for men — yes, really

More and more men are sporting beards these days. That’s not news to any of us. But a brave handful are taking things one step further and having a bit of, er, festive fun with them for the holidays by meshing glitter into their whiskers.

Yes, bearded dudes across the nation are uploading sparkly photos of themselves on Instagram and using the hashtag #glitterbeard. The new coinage already has close to 4,000 associated posts.

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Some guys are taking their glitter game to the next level by adding ornaments and other decorative details.

While a few are rocking the glitter look as a sincere fashion statement, not every bearded dude is on board with the trend. Some Instagram users taking a firm stance against the glimmering fad.

But perhaps even the haters can agree that glitter in a beard is a lot prettier than food, which is what usually gets trapped in there.

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