Dr. G’s brightening peeling mask is worth the gross experience

If you’ve happened to stumble upon videos of a magical face mask that instantly peels away dead skin, you aren’t imagining things.

After hearing countless beauty bloggers rave about Dr. G’s brightening peeling gel, I had to see what this latest Korean beauty trend was all about.

We tried it! A Korean peeling mask


And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

According to Memebox president, Arnold Hur, the mask is designed to gently exfoliate skin by removing dead skin cells on the surface so that skin becomes brighter, smoother and more nourished.

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The “removing of dead skin cells” part is what people have been LOSING THEIR MINDS over because of the ick factor. It even reminds some of that viral-but-very-gross baby foot peel treatment. Nevertheless, I dove right in.

Bye, dead skin!
Bye, dead skin! TODAY

The application process is so easy — I simply massaged a pea-sized amount of the gel into my skin and, as expected, looked like a snake shedding its skin within minutes.

But according to Hur, the pilling pieces are actually a combination of dead skin cells and remaining product residue — not just dead skin as the internet claims.

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And it’s the cellulose in the product itself that’s causing that physical exfoliation.

“Cellulose fibers ball up when they come into contact with the oil on your skin, forming lots of soft rolls and clumps. When you rub them on your skin, they grab hold of some dead skin and dirt as well,” dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz told TODAY Style.

How gross (but also satisfying) is this?!
How gross (but also satisfying) is this?! TODAY

For someone who has naturally dry skin, I was super nervous to mess with my routine, even just a little. But to my surprise, putting on makeup post-gel was undoubtedly the best application experience I’ve had yet. My skin felt smoother than ever.

Hur said it’s the aloe and honey extracts that allow it to be used on all skin types.

I’ve tried facials, scrubs and just about every beauty treatment on the block, but this was the first time I could honestly say my skin was positively glowing. I had never understood that feeling until now.


So, splurge and pay the $28. You won’t regret it!