You can’t go wrong! 9 of the ‘Best Toys of the Year’ from Parents magazine

Finding what makes for a great toy is no easy task. Is it fun? Is it made well? Is it something that the kids won’t get bored with too quickly?

Fortunately, the editors at Parents magazine have done all the work for us, choosing the “Best Toys of the Year,” with the help of (picky) kids and (even pickier) parents.

Frozen Boombox, Max Tow Truck: This year’s top toys


There are 58 winners for everyone from little ones to big kids. We’ve narrowed it down here to nine favorites, but you can find the entire list at Parents magazine. (And, if you register on their site you can see all of the slideshow on one page.) Happy toy hunting! 

Twilight Buddies Fox
Twilight Buddies FoxToday

Age: Birth+ 

Twilight Buddies Fox, from CloudB, is a cuddly friend by day and projects soothing stars on the ceiling at bedtime. “It’s great to use at night, and easy to take to Grandma’s,” says Dawn Savas, mom of Kira, 1.  $30, available at CloudB.

Nursery Trampoline
Nursery TrampolineToday

Age: 1 year+

Galt’s Nursery Trampoline is a hoppin’ good time. It’s low to the ground, plus nice and stable; just have your toddler hold on while he hops! 12 months+, $65, available on 

Hand Sign Alphabet
Hand Sign AlphabetToday

Age: 2 years+

Hand Sign Alphabet: A-Z tiles feature letters on one side and American Sign Language pictures on the other. The wooden tiles, from Plan Toys, are made in an eco-conscious factory that strives for zero waste. 2 years+, $30, available here.

Kinetic Sand
Kinetic SandToday

Age: 3+

Kinetic Sand: Sand indoors? Spin Masters nondrying Kinetic Sand is a new alternative to playing with dough. 3 years+, $15, find it at

Pancake Pile-Up Relay Game
Pancake Pile-Up Relay GameToday

Age: 4+

Pancake Pile-Up Relay Game: Moving fast with a loaded spatula wins the Pancake Pile-Up! Relay Game from Educational Insights. 4 years+, $18, find it here.


Age: 5+

DigiBirds, by Spin Master, respond to your whistle and harmonize together. Sit them down, or wear them each on a ring! 5 years+, $30 for three, buy them here.

Deluxe Roominate Kit
Deluxe Roominate KitToday

Age: 6+

Deluxe Roominate kit: Kids put circuits to work when they use the Deluxe Roominate kit. It comes with all you need to make a simple room, but encourages kids to scour the house for pieces they can repurpose so they can build even more. 6 years+, $50, buy it here.

Lego Friends
Lego Friends Today

Age: 7+

Lego Friends Jungle Bridge Rescue Set makes for wild story lines! The set comes with people, animals and vehicles. “My friend and I built the helicopter with the people inside. It was cool,” says Madelyn, 7. 7 years+, $30, available here.

Mini Pom Pom Pet Kit
Mini Pom-Pom Pets KitToday

Age: 8+

Mini Pom-Pom Pets Kit: Kids can create Mini Pom-Pom Pets from this Klutz kit. 8 years+, $20, find it here.