Toddler flips water bottle and does a victory dab: See her celebration!

If you watch a lot of viral videos, there’s no doubt you’ve seen countless water bottle flips and dab moves in 2016 — but trust us, you need to watch this latest clip to combine to the two trends.

That’s because this flipper and dabber is also an adorable toddler.

Toddler totally nails the water bottle challenge: Watch her excited reaction!


Little Sam is the daughter of Hallmark Channel’s Matt Rogers, and in the clip, after one failed attempt to toss her water bottle to land on itself, she nails it — much to her father’s delight.

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With a little encouragement from her dad, Sam goes on to do a quick victory dab, but the best part of the video is her great big smile over her success.

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Those cheeks!

With her own viral video, it looks like Sam is set to be the next star of the family, and that’s just fine by her dad.

“Well, I used to be known as ‘Matt Rogers,'” he wrote in a later caption on Instagram. “I guess now I’m known as ‘Baby Bottle Flip’ Dad.”

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