This little girl is terrified by discovering her own shadow

When you’ve only recently arrived in the world, it can be a big scary place. And when you go walking in the sunshine, discovering there’s a strange flat creature attached to your feet who follows you everywhere … well, something seriously shady is going on there!

Aww! Baby is terrified of her own shadow


But for some kids, seeing their shadow is downright terrifying.

Such was the case with Mike Jacobs’ daughter, who was captured on video going for a toddle in a parking lot. She seems a bit fussy at first, but as Jacobs alerts us, “Wait for it…” And it’s not long before fussy turns to screams and a tumble into the asphalt when she discovers she’s got her own traveling companion.

Little girl afraid of her own shadow
Mike Jacobs / Facebook

Fortunately, the little one is not alone; YouTube is full of similar moments of unexpected scares. If they could, we bet little ones would form a support group over this phenomenon. For now, all they can do is learn how to throw their own shade … at the shade.

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