‘Hello from the Mother Side’: See stressed-out mom’s hilarious Adele parody

Adele’s “Hello” has already spawned plenty of parodies, but this may be the first to touch on the frustration of doing your kids’ math homework.

Singer-songwriter Emily Mills vents about the stress of motherhood — and her desire for a glass of vino — in the aptly named spoof, “Hello from the Mother Side.”

Mills hilariously struggles to complete her daughter’s fractions assignment, belting out, “Hello from the mother side. I must’ve tried a thousand times to tell her this homework is really breaking my heart.”

Later in the song, Mills professes her preference for red wine, singing, “Hello from the mother side. I think I might break down and cry, because I love my children but I don’t want anymore. Can somebody pass me the pinot noir?”

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We’re sure plenty of busy moms can relate (we’re talking to you, Tami Taylor).

Of course, “Hello” isn’t just resonating with parents, but kids, too. Check out this adorable toddler’s response to Adele’s wildly popular single.

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