Dylan Dreyer opens up about breastfeeding struggles: ‘It broke my heart’

When Dylan Dreyer welcomed son Calvin to the world last December, she felt incredibly happy — and incredibly scared. But that’s not an unusual combination of emotions for a first-time mom who’s suddenly tasked with nurturing a new life.

Now the TODAY meteorologist is opening up about one fear in particular and how she faced it.

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TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer with her son, Calvin, on May 31, 2017.Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

“I was scared to death about breastfeeding,” Dylan revealed in an interview for People’s Celeb Parents Get Real. “Full disclosure: I don’t have big boobs. Even my doctor said to me, ‘You have small Tupperware, so I don’t know how much milk you’re gonna produce for your baby.’”

But despite that initial concern, she thought everything was fine with Calvin’s feedings, at least at first.

“The first three months, Calvin was looking thin and svelte — he looked like a nice, fit little baby,” the 35-year-old explained. “We go to the doctor and the doctor says, ‘You’re really not feeding him enough food.’ I was exclusively breastfeeding. And he said, ‘(Calvin’s) getting about half of what he should get in a typical day.'”

Dylan said of the news, “It broke my heart.”

“I cried when he said, ‘You have to supplement with formula,’ because I felt like I’d let him down and my body couldn’t do what Calvin needed me to do,” she recalled.

That is until she embraced the fact that there’s more than one way to nourish her baby. Then she let go of the mom guilt and moved on to mom pride.

“Now we’ve worked in formula, and I’m still breastfeeding him — for whatever benefit that’s worth to him — and I’m proud of myself,” she said.

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