Cringe and cover! Moms share ‘caught in the act’ stories

Our story about the teen girl who called the cops on her mom for having loud sex stirred up some passion among TODAY Moms readers.

Readers were split on whether the teen overreacted (she wanted police to take her to a local shelter; in the end she stayed at home), but a good many could relate to the cringe-worthy predicament. More than 30,000 people voted in our poll asking whether their kids have ever walked in on them during sex: 45 percent said yes.

Regardless of how you voted, most agreed on one fact: getting busted by the kids while getting busy in the sack is downright EMBARRASSING.

We asked our Facebook readers to share their best/worst “caught in the act” anecdotes, and tell us how they dealt with the aftermath.

Some parents simply let their kids come to their own conclusions.

Kristen Ferguson Tellier writes:

My 10-yr-old heard the headboard hit the wall and she asked us the next day if we were doing construction in our room last night? LOL!

Tara Kennedy-Kline adds:

I was leaving on a business trip recently and my husband and I had just finished our “goodbyes.” Still in the afterglow, my 7-year-old jumps up from beside the bed and yells “BOO…hahhahahahhahaha! You guys were kissin’!” Yeah…we were kissin’…

Marissa Casper says she and her husband were advised pre-marriage to invest in a lock or move the dresser over to the door.

Our kids are still in their cribs so all we get is “mommy!?!?? (Yelling) Are you o.k.?” 

Ann Marie Mason Morrison says:

We tried to time it one Sat morning before they were up. At breakfast, the 6-yr-old yells “I saw Daddy’s hairy butt!” My son says “Why were you doing that to Mommy?” We were sooo busted!

Other parents get creative with their explanations.

Jacqueline Simkaitis says her oldest child couldn’t sleep one night and walked into mom and dad’s bedroom. The next day he asked: Why was daddy laying on mommy?

Says Simkaitis:

We just looked at each other in horror!! And said Mommy was really cold – lol — he was 4 at the time. We bought a lock and it has not happened again.

Jill Suddendorff writes:

In the middle of all the action we heard a tiny voice from our 4-year-old son saying “Whatcha doin’?” I was too freaked out to answer but my quick-thinking husband blurted out “We’re just wrestling, now go back to bed.” Crisis averted???? Not so much. His response: “Wrestling?? I wanna wrestle!!!” — and he proceeded to jump on top of us. Oh yeah, that’s how that fiasco went down. Thank GOD we were covered up!

Many readers believe responding with honesty is the best policy.

Rebekah Nares Johnsonn writes:

With a 20-, 19- and a 15-yr-old… yeah it has happened. Now the running joke in the house when my husband and I may share a playful kiss or two, maybe even three…”get a room you two” 🙂 Our kids understand this is a normal and healthy part of marriage. Of course, they may not always enjoy our displays of affection, but at least they know we love each other.

And sometimes mortifying moments can lead to a larger revelation. LaVon Shearer Ihrig says the embarrassment factor of her kids walking in on her and her husband — twice — nearly ruined their sex life for a while. She got so self-conscious about making noise that it actually put a strain on her marriage. Something had to give. She writes:

I finally had to get to the place where I realized that SEX is a healthy part to our relationship and NOTHING I should be embarrassed about. Now, this does not mean that my husband and I are making the house our sexual romping grounds, but I did make a decision that I was no longer going to wait until my kids are out of the house before I finally get to enjoy sex with the man that I have committed my life to.

So LaVon had a frank talk with her teenage daughter. Awkward? You bet. But worth it, she says:

In a nutshell I told my daughter, “Sex is natural and important in our marriage. I am sorry you sometimes can hear us, the bed squeaks, or that it may make you uncomfortable, but we will not apologize for the fact that your parents love each other. We will do what we can… but sometimes you may hear us. Turn on your radio, leave your room, plug in your earphones, whatever, but I can not and WILL NOT end my sexual relationship just because you may hear us on occasion.”

That’s a different kind of “sex talk” — and a bold move by LaVon! She says it paid off, which is why she wanted to share her story with other moms:

The romance has come back in my marraige and the guilt and embarrassment that plagued me has decreased quite a bit. Anyways, long story, but worth sharing just in case there is another woman out there who is “suffering” through the same thing. Life is too short to wait until your children are out of the house to finally enjoy sex with your husband!!!!!

Amen, sister. Thanks for sharing your story. Maybe you’ll inspire more moms to get busy with their husbands?

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