Comedian nails every parent’s frustrations at Disney World in hilarious video

A warning to any parent who has yet to take your young child to Disney World. Comedian John Crist just summed up all the reasons to delay that trip indefinitely.

In a hilarious video, Crist became every parent who has to deal with the heat, the crowds, the lines, the overpriced souvenirs and the worn out, whiny children that come with every visit to the so-called “Happiest Place on Earth.”

In less than two minutes, Crist touches upon nearly every frustration parents will face with their visit, including:

  • Requests for swag: “Forty-five dollars for bedazzled mouse ears? Baby, you want these or you want to go to college?”
  • Shows that aren’t worth the long lines: “We’re not waiting an hour and a half for impressions of France, okay? Eat a baguette and lose a world war, that’s my impression of France.
  • The constant hunger: “No, you cannot have Goofy-shaped chicken nuggets. Sit down. Your mother brought ham sandwiches.”
Comic's video is perfect illustration of parents at Disney
John Crist nails every frustration to the Magic Kingdom in his video, “Every parent at Disney.”johnbcrist/YouTube

Crist also manages to throw shade at the competition (he’s looking at you, Six Flags) and parents who give in to their overtired kids (“No I’m not going to push him in a stroller. He’s four.”)

Now, we have to point out, Crist does not have children of his own. But his montage in “Every parent at Disney” will appeal to anyone who has visited an amusement park. And to people who share his aversion to adults dressed up as overgrown Disney figures.

But to all parents who end up going to the Magic Kingdom anyway, have hope: all sit-down restaurants at Disney World now serve alcoholic beverages!

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