1-year-old snowboarder, Sloan Henderson, ‘cruises’ slopes in adorable videos

This 1-year-old snowboarder’s megawatt smile as she takes on the slopes will warm even the chilliest of hearts.

And hearing her parents pump her up for the slopes will make you cheer right along. “Get psyched, Sloan! Yeah, let’s do this!” her excited parents shout, revving her up for an epic run.

Zach and Katie Henderson, Sloan’s parents, started teaching Sloan how to snowboard as soon as she could walk, they told CNN. The two are snowboarders themselves, so when their now 14-month-old daughter started walking just one month ago, they got to work.

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The Hendersons posted the first video of Sloan “cruising”— as Zach says in multiple videos — to Sloan’s very own Youtube channel on Friday. “You’re a boarder,” the excited dad tells the new athlete.

Sloan knows she’s good. Around 0:53 in the first video, she starts showering her dad with high-fives after nailing a run.

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The Hendersons didn’t just throw their daughter onto the slopes, though. Instead, they practiced with her both in the house, on carpet and in the backyard, as documented through two additional videos. Zach drags Sloan’s snowboard around using a rope, so she can practice her balance.

In the video taken inside the house, Sloan almost goes down at one point, but encouragement (and a lift) from her parents, coupled with a youthful tenacity, keeps her on her feet.

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Naturally, Sloan celebrates with a round of applause. We would clap for ourselves, too, if we were that talented.

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