What happened to the ‘Hoarding’ dog that inspired tears, outrage?

Updated at 7 p.m. ET: What happened to the unfortunate family dog featured on Wednesday’s episode of “Hoarding: Buried Alive”? That’s what viewers and many of our outraged readers want to know.

During the all-round heartbreaking episode, which focused on Karen, a two-time widow whose hoarding was so out of hand it had become a danger to her children, her pets and herself, viewers were introduced to a dog that clearly suffered from neglect.

The canine with the patchy, barely-there fur and long, curling claws even brought seasoned hoarding expert Dr. Becky Beaton to tears when she saw him in the episode. But after his sad introductory scene and a brief bit of hoarse barking later, he wasn’t seen again.

By the end of the show, the family home was much improved, Karen seemed happier and her sons, who had been at risk of being removed by Child Protective Services, were at least in a safer environment. But the dog? His fate remained a mystery.

Until now.

The Clicker contacted TLC and learned that the dog is no longer in Karen’s home. According to the network, the New Jersey police picked up the pooch and transferred him to the SPCA, where he was treated by their vets. One of the vet techs fell in love with the dog and adopted him.

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