‘We gotcha’: Confident Starbucks barista thinks Helen Hunt is Jodie Foster

When Helen Hunt stopped by her local Starbucks on Monday, the barista knew she was in the presence of an Oscar winner.

However, the barista was thinking more “Silence of the Lambs” than “As Good As It Gets” when assuming the name of the famous actress getting her coffee.

Helen Hunt mistaken for Jodie Foster at Starbucks


The confident server winked and said, “We gotcha,” before writing “Jody” on her cup, presumably for Jodie Foster, another blonde, Oscar-winning actress who at 53 is only a year older than Hunt, and does bear a certain resemblance.

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The Academy Award winner and four-time Emmy Award winner tweeted out the mishap with the hashtag #JodieFoster, letting everyone know that even the stars occasionally get the wrong name on their cup at Starbucks. Hopefully Hunt at least got the right drink.

Helen Hunt; Jodie Foster
A Starbucks barista confused Oscar-winning actress Helen Hunt (left) with her Oscar-winning peer, Jodie Foster, in a funny mix-up on Monday.Getty Images files

Starbucks took it in stride, answering her tweet with a play on Hunt’s Oscar-winning role in the 1997 hit movie with Jack Nicholson.

“Sorry about that!” the company tweeted. “We hope the drink was still as good as it gets.”

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