‘Silver Spoons’ reunion: Ricky Schroder reveals major real-life crush

It’s been 26 years since they shared the small screen together on the ’80s sitcom hit “Silver Spoons,” but time hasn’t dulled the camaraderie or chemistry for members of the cast.

On Wednesday morning, stars Ricky Schroder, Joel Higgins, Erin Gray and Alfonso Ribeiro regrouped for a reunion on TODAY and recalled just what made their on-screen bond so successful.

Cast of ‘Silver Spoons’ reunites


“It was absolutely perfect,” Gray said of working with her former co-stars. “The best five years of my life. Loved them at the beginning; loved them at the end. Can’t say that too often.”

It was a sentiment echoed by the rest of the gang, including Higgins, who referred to the entire “Silver Spoons” experience as “a Pollyanna kind of thing.”

In fact, decades later, they all keep in touch and have nothing but good things to say about each other — well, good and embarrassing.

The cast had a big laugh as they looked back at the major crush Schroder once had on his made-for-TV stepmom, Gray.

“Well, she got into yoga — it wasn’t fair!” he said in his own defense. “She stretched on stage. And tennis! We played tennis, remember? Those skirts!”

There was one occasion where Gray almost indulged the crush.

“He did beg me (for a kiss),” she confessed. “And at first, I was going, ‘Oh, sure. Why not?’ And then I said, ‘Whoa, whoa — wait a minute! I’ve been your mother for four years.’ At this point I thought, ‘This somehow doesn’t feel right.'”

See more from the “Silver Spoons” gang in the video above. And fans can catch more from Schroder when his new show U.S. Army-themed reality series, “Starting Strong,” premieres June 2. Check local listings for time and channel.