Sexual abuse survivor: Duggars ‘did not handle this the proper way’

The Duggar family has faced plenty of public criticism since the sexual molestation allegations against oldest son Josh Duggar came to light, much of which the “19 Kids and Counting” stars addressed in a recent interview.

But they’ve also faced criticism in private.

Duggar backlash grows after interview


According to sexual abuse survivor and prevention advocate Erin Merryn, in 2014, the Duggars asked her to speak to their children about sexual abuse — though they failed to tell her about the incidents that occurred in their own home.

She’s since remained in touch with the family, and just this week informed them of her opinion on the revelations.

“I said, ‘I believe that you did not handle this the proper way. That you should have gone to the authorities immediately, and that Josh should have never been allowed to live in that home again,'” Merryn recalled while speaking to NBC News in a spot that aired on TODAY Friday.

Lisa Bloom: ‘Where is Josh Duggar?’


While Duggar parents Jim Bob and Michelle, as well as two of their daughters, gave their perspective on everything that’s happened in their recent sit down with Fox News, Josh has remained silent since his initial statement after the news first broke.

Josh Duggar apologizes as molestation reports emerge


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“Where is Josh Duggar? He’s the only one who hasn’t spoken out,” TODAY legal analyst Lisa Bloom noted. “He’s at the center of this.”

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