‘Schoolhouse Rock’ bill gets schooled in ‘SNL’ executive order skit

He’s still just a bill sittin’ on Capitol Hill, but Kenan Thompson’s recent take on the classic “Schoolhouse Rock!” character on “Saturday Night Live” had a much harder time than “that sad little scrap of paper” from the original ‘toon.

For instance, in the educational kids’ clip, all that sad old bill had to worry about was metaphorically “dyin'” in committee. But Thompson’s bill? He suffered a direct attack by the president.

Just as the immigration bill-to-be sang a bar about making it to the president’s desk one day, the Commander-in-Chief (played by Jay Pharoah) sneaked up behind him and pushed him down the steps of Capitol Hill.

After all, the president had to make room for his immigration-related pal, the executive order (Bobby Moynihan).

“I’m an executive order, and I pretty much just happen … and that’s it,” he sang.

Check out the video to see just how much more abuse the bill had to take, and then take a look at the original “Rock!” clip to fully appreciate Thompson’s transformation.

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