Oprah has hilarious ‘Do you know who I am?’ moment with a child

Oprah showed up to her OWN cable network offices for Bring Your Child to Work Day on April 27, and met a kid who was less than impressed.

The 63-year-old media mogul was just as astonished as we were when the child of one of her employees didn’t know who she was.

She shared the sweet — and hilarious — moment on Instagram.

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Hard to impress kids these days…#OWNKidsDay

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“Your dad works here, right?” Winfrey asks in the video.

As the child nods in agreement, Winfrey continues.

“For $10: What’s my name?”

The child stares at her in astonishment, but the former queen of daytime television is clearly elated. For someone who is readily known by her first name only, it must be refreshing to meet an individual who has no clue who she is!

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Winfrey gives the child 10 seconds to respond to her question, and as she excitedly counts down, it becomes clear the child is drawing a blank.

“Starts with an O,” she offers up. “How many O names are there?!”

Still, a good-natured Winfrey leaves the child with a high-five. She later quipped in the video’s Instagram caption: “Hard to impress kids these days.”

While that may be true, we’re betting the child’s dad, who is presumably the person in the background filming on his phone, will work on some background prep with his kids before inviting them back!