Ohio State band moonwalks giant Michael Jackson formation across football field

Michael Jackson was the King of Pop; Ohio State University’s marching band is the king of in-formation moves. So when the two collided over the weekend, the video of OSU’s performance quickly went viral.

During the halftime of the university’s football game versus Iowa, the marching band fanned out and launched into a Jackson tribute, playing parts of songs like “Thriller” and “Bad.” But that was just a warm-up: Next, they created a field-wide outline of Jackson’s profile, complete with over-sized white glove. 

And as they blasted through Jackson’s hit “The Way You Make Me Feel,” the marchers made Jackson dance in a way no one had ever seen before, including taking him through his classic moonwalk dance, and even making him do a split. The video has so far racked up over 80,000 views.

OSU’s marching band has been making lots of noise lately with its inventive routines; in Oct. 2012 they did a video game tribute whose video has racked up over 15 million views. But for sheer visual originality, it’s hard to beat their latest triumph. Be sure to check it out; the whole video is worth watching, but things really get interesting around the 4:15 mark.

And for the record? OSU won the game later on.