Mia Farrow: Son Ronan’s father could ‘possibly’ be Frank Sinatra

Mia Farrow has been the subject of countless headlines related to her personal life over the years, and now a new revelation in Vanity Fair magazine questions the paternity of one of her children. Ronan Farrow, assumed to be the actress’ son with former longtime partner Woody Allen, might actually be Frank Sinatra’s child.

All of this and more has come out thanks to an article written by special VF correspondent Maureen Orth, who joined TODAY’s Matt Lauer Wednesday to discuss what she’d learned by speaking to Farrow and eight of her children. 

Frank Sinatra and his then-new bride Mia Farrow in 1966.
Frank Sinatra and his then-new bride Mia Farrow in 1966.Today

“I asked her point blank, and I said, ‘Is Ronan Frank Sinatra’s son?’ and she said, ‘Possibly,'” Orth told Lauer about her chat with Farrow. (Farrow and Sinatra were married from 1966-68.) “No DNA tests have been done. But they never really broke up. Obviously they got divorced. She was only 21 when she married him, he was 50, she lost her virginity to him … she said he was the love of her life.”

Also, noted Orth, Ronan “looks a lot like Frank Sinatra and he sings like Frank Sinatra.” Added Orth, “He’s very close to the Sinatra family … Ronan told me that Nancy Sinatra senior fusses over him like an Italian nonna.”

Ronan Farrow is a journalist, an activist and lawyer. He did not comment for Orth’s piece, but he Tweeted Wednesday, “Listen, we’re all *possibly* Frank Sinatra’s son.” 

At the time of Ronan’s 1987 birth, Farrow was in a long-term relationship with director Woody Allen. The pair split acrimoniously in 1992 after Farrow learned he was having a sexual relationship with one of their adopted children, Soon-Yi. During the custody battle that followed, Farrow alleged that Allen had molested one of their other children, Dylan. No charges were brought against Allen.

But 20 years on, Orth was able to speak with the now-grown Dylan (who was adopted), who told her that she has “vivid” memories of that time. “They have haunted her her whole life,” said the writer. “She alleges that things really did happen that were very bad for her.”

Allen’s lawyer Elkan Abramowitz told Vanity Fair that Allen still denies the allegations of sexual abuse. Abramowitz declined to make additional comment to TODAY. 

Maureen Orth’s interview with Mia Farrow can be found in the new issue of Vanity Fair, on newsstands Thursday, Oct. 3.