Man has intimate relationship with his car on ‘My Strange Addiction’

Some people really love their cars, and on the upcoming second season premiere of “My Strange Addiction,” viewers will get a chance to meet Nathaniel, a true car lover if ever there was one — literally.

See, the 27-year-old doesn’t just enjoy washing, waxing and taking a spin in his candy-apple red ride. As a sneak peek for the TLC docuseries reveals, Nathaniel is in “a committed relationship” with his car, and it’s a particularly intimate one.

“It was love at first site,” Nathaniel explained. “His body, his interior and everything together just seemed to fit, match up. I just felt an instant connection.”

Which why almost five years ago, the one-time model-car enthusiast put his money down and brought Chase home to stay. Chase, of course, being the name he gave his car pal.

Despite the fact that Nathaniel’s roommate finds the situation “kind of weird,” Nathaniel seems perfectly comfortable kissing and caressing the car for all to see.

Just what it is about Nathaniel’s automobile affection that makes it an addiction — as opposed to, oh, say, an odd one-sided romance with an inanimate object — remains to be seen. But no doubt viewers will learn more when “My Strange Addiction” returns to TLC Sunday night at 10 p.m. with back-to-back episodes.

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