Lindsay Lohan talks about life under house arrest

What’s it like to serve house arrest in a $2.25 million, 3,000 square-foot home in Venice Beach, Calif.? Lindsay Lohan is ready to tell you.

In her first print interview since beginning her sentence on May 26, Lohan tells Life & Style she does miss being beyond the confines of her beach-side home. “I’m a very social person, and I like being outside, especially in Venice Beach. I’d like to get out more — just going out and having dinner,” she said about being restricted to her three-bedroom, four-bathroom triplex. “I was really upset not being able to go to my little brother’s birthday party. He just turned 16. That bummed me out.”

Lohan has been filling her days by taking meetings, both of the professional and social variety. “I’ve been having a lot of work-related meetings. Sometimes my friends come over. And I get to see my sister, Ali, which is nice,” she told the magazine.

No matter the purpose, alcohol is not involved. “When my friends come over, they’re not drinking,” she told the magazine. “Alcohol is not in my house, so it’s just not a part of my life.” But when she’s released on June 29, it won’t necessarily mean the end of nightclubs for her. “I don’t think you should ever say never,” she explained.

Lohan insisted in the interview that she’s “grown up,” and she’s willing to do what she has to do to prove just that. But first up, community service, which begins after house arrest. After that, it’s her hope to work in August and September, and ultimately be taken seriously again.

“You go through experiences. I do understand that I need to gain some of the respect back, but I’m willing to work hard for that,” Lohan told Life & Style. “I understand the situations I’ve put myself in, and I don’t want to go back to that.”

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