Lawyer: Golden punched Blonsky four times

A day after Carl Blonsky, father of “Hairspray” star Nikki Blonsky, was released from jail, a new account has emerged of the fight between the Blonskys and former “America’s Next Top Model” contender, Bianca Golden.

Michael Griffith, an attorney for the Blonskys told Access Hollywood their version of the July 30 airport brawl that included Carl Blonsky, his daughter Nikki, Bianca Golden, and Bianca’s mother, Elaine Golden.

He said Nikki Blonsky claimed the fight started when she told “ANTM” model Bianca Golden that she was holding the seats for her parents. Golden allegedly approached Blonsky, sticking her finger in her face, and called her a “white b—-.”

Nikki Blonsky claimed Golden punched her four times in the side of the head.

Following the alleged punching, Nikki’s brother got involved in the fight and Bianca’s mother, Elaine Golden, allegedly began choking Nikki Blonsky. Carl Blonsky attempted to break up the fight, according to the Blonskys’ lawyer.

“Nikki Blonsky was the victim of an unprovoked attack by the Goldens,” Griffith told Access.

He said they have 13 independent witnesses who saw the brawl.

Griffith confirmed to Access that Carl Blonsky has returned to New York after pleading not guilty to grievous bodily harm, which carries a maximum punishment of five years. He was released on $3,000 cash bail. Carl Blonsky was initially denied bail by a lower Turks and Caicos court. An appeal to the Turks and Caicos Supreme Court overturned the earlier ruling, Turks and Caicos Police Sergeant Calvin Chase told Access.

Griffith told Access they appealed on grounds that Carl Blonsky has some health issues, but stressed their main argument was that his client intends to come back to the Turks and Caicos court on Dec. 1.

Griffith said Carl Blonsky intends to go to trial.

Carl Blonsky will return to court with daughter Nikki, on Dec. 1 for his trial date.

Nikki Blonsky was charged with actual bodily harm, a police spokesperson confirmed to Access Hollywood previously. Blonsky was released shortly after the incident on $6,000 cash bail.

“ANTM” contestant Golden was also charged with actual bodily harm and released on $6,000 surety bail. The model was released on her own accord with the promise of returning for a court date on Sept. 17.

When contacted by Access a rep for Bianca Golden declined to comment due to the ongoing investigation.