Joshua Jackson challenges James Van Der Beek for best ugly cry — see the pic

I’m not crying; you’re crying!

OK, everybody’s crying! And they’re doing it hilariously, at least in the case of Joshua Jackson and James Van Der Beek.

I’m coming for your crown @vanderjames —————————————————Thanks for all the kind words about the last episode of @sho_theaffair. It is always appreciated.

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Jackson posted an Instagram of himself with a contorted, crying face taken from Showtime’s “The Affair,” which aired Sunday. But he didn’t stop there: He paired it with his former “Dawson’s Creek” co-star James Van Der Beek’s classic “ugly” cry face, and declared that the battle was on.

“Creek” may have had many memorable moments, but the one that’s really lasted on the internet was that shot of Dawson sobbing his little heart out in the season three finale. Over the years, it’s become a recurrent meme, and even merited a discussion when the gang reunited for an Entertainment Weekly cover story in March.

Joshua Jackson and James Van Der Beek
No, really, they’re not crying here: Joshua Jackson and James Van Der Beek, tear-free.Getty Images

“I feel like everybody on this show cried more than I did and I was the one who got caught in the loop,” he said.

“It’s not how many times you cried,” said Jackson. “It’s how you cried.”

Indeed. And it only takes one great, wracked face to build a legacy.

We look forward to the next round in the ugly cry wars!

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