Jessica Biel shows off acrobatic skills with help from Justin Timberlake

We’ve known for a while that Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are a super-supportive couple.

But maybe we didn’t know how supportive until just now!

In a new video Biel posted on Instagram, Biel, 36, gets to show off her handstand skills, thanks to an assist from husband Timberlake, 37:

This is my husband indulging my totally irrational Cirque du Soleil dream. (Cirque du Soleil, if you’re reading this CALL ME) #MOTWTOUR

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And … she’s up!

The pair, who have been married since 2012, appear to be doing these acrobatics in a Copenhagen, Denmark hotel room. (Timberlake has been traveling the world with his Man of the Woods tour, and sometimes Biel and their son Silas, 3, join them).

As Biel reveals, this is all a tongue-in-cheek audition for Cirque du Soleil, who she gives a shout-out to in the caption.

And Cirque du Soleil has taken notice! They replied to her tweeted video on Thursday:

So, will Biel run off to join the Cirque? Probably not: She’s got all the support she needs from her family!

A picture says a thousand words. And thank goodness because there aren’t enough to express ALL the aspects of my love and respect for you. Here’s to a spectacular year ahead. I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished and all that is ahead for you. plus you’re a super hot dad. A ninja dad. A kiddie teeth brushing, Jedi sleep mind tricking, intimidating dad voice disciplining SUPER HOT DAD. I love you, you hot dad.. I’m here, right by your side, OG fan girl #1. Happy birthday, my beloved. Now go crush it this weekend at SB LII.

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