Hoda Kotb tried ‘Kotbe’ … to get ahead?

What’s in a name? Turns out more than you might think! A new study finds names that are difficult to pronounce may hold a person back in work, school and relationships. 

Which brings up the obvious question about Hoda Kotb: “Who did you sleep with to get this job?” Kathie Lee joked. “You have it on both ends.” 

Words can’t describe all of the feelings that filled Hoda’s face after that last comment (trust me: Editors discussed her possible emotions for 15 minutes … and reminder: yes, we get paid for this!)

Hoda did admit it has been a struggle. She even changed her professional name at one point to “Kotbe” to help people understand its correct pronunciation: “COT-BEE.”

“People kept saying ‘buy a vowel,’ so I stuck another one on,” Hoda said. It didn’t help, so she decided to just let her freak name flag fly.

Kathie Lee’s advice: Just say it wrong like Regis. “Koda! Where’s my Koda?” 

Steve Veres is an editor for TODAY.com. He commiserates with Hoda as nobody knows how to pronounce his last name either. It rhymes with “terrace,” people!