Dylan Dreyer posts funny video of husband playing with baby Calvin’s toys

NBC Nightly News cameraman Brian Fichera — husband of TODAY meteorologist Dylan Dreyer — sure knows how to frame a shot nicely.

On Saturday, Fichera showed off his producing and editing skills in an epic Instagram video starring … baby Calvin’s toys.

“Dylan: Let’s stay in and have some beers and be grown up about st paddy’s day,” Fichera captioned the post. “Me: (in cals closet) where does Calvin keep his toys??”

With its loud guitars and slow-motion effect, Fichera’s video of their 1-year-old’s toy cars looks more like a scene from an action movie!

Grown-up St. Paddy’s Day, indeed. Fichera’s comment was made even funnier by some light teasing from his lovely wife, who shared somewhat of a “behind-the-scenes” clip on her own Instagram page.

In an Instagram post, Dylan quipped: “E! True Hollywood Story: @fishlense The Making of an Instagram Video,” along with hashtags #bigkidatheart and #ittakeshours.

We hope Calvin doesn’t mind others playing with his cars. Gotta love that this fun-loving couple can laugh at themselves — and each other!

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