Disney World’s Gaston humbles tourist in push-up contest

He may have lost the girl, but Gaston, the romantic rival in “Beauty and Beast,” certainly has no problem winning push-up contests.

Disney’s Gaston challenged to push-up contest


The Disney character was dared to a muscle match at Disney World by visitor, Brooks Platt. The entire battle was captured on video by his brother, Blake Platt, and posted Jan. 2 in a YouTube in clip that quickly amassed more than 3 million views.

The contest crumbled quickly for Platt. 

“He looks like he’s struggling,” Gaston points out early on. “Perhaps he needs a hand,” he adds before offering one of his own — all while continuing his push-ups on the other.

Platt shakes his head, and tries to match with his own one-armed push ups. But when he tries to switch hands, he collapses to a cheering crowd.

“When he delivered that line ‘Perhaps he needs a hand,’ I almost fell over right there laughing hysterically. It was too perfect,” Platt told TODAY.com by email. A self-described “Disney fanatic” who goes to Disney parks whenever possible, Platt said he posed the fitness challenge to Gaston just “to see what he would do when I told him I was stronger.” 

“I just thought that would be a funny thing for him to react to. But when he asked ‘What’s the challenge today?’ I just thought, ‘Are you kidding? I get to be in a push-up contest with Gaston?'” Platt said. “Of course I would lose, but it was like I was immersed in the film. Disney is really good at stuff like that.”

Gaston has become an Internet sensation lately. The same character was confronted recently by a young girl who politely told him off for his sexist ways, while also asking for his autograph.

Platt, 21 and a senior chemistry major at Indiana University, is a huge fan of the man who plays Gaston, whom he described as “absolutely fantastic and prepared for anything. Every guest I saw him interact with has an awesome memory because he took the time to show everyone a little special attention instead of just taking a picture.”

Platt said he and his older brother decided to post their video, initially on the Disney subReddit, because they wanted to give people a chuckle. 

“The characters have so many magical interactions with guests, and we just thought it would be cool to share ours,” he said. “The video has gotten a million times more attention than we expected. It’s not often someone says that without exaggerating. But I get the best feeling when I think of the number of people smiled watching Gaston trounce me in a manly test of manliness.”