Corey Feldman addresses bullying: ‘I must keep moving forward’

Corey Feldman had TODAY viewers — and most of the internet — talking after a performance of his song “Go 4 It” on Sept. 16. Feldman wrote a response to critics of his performance exclusively for TODAY — and be sure to tune in Thursday for his return to the show.

I, artist!

As an artist, I bare my heart and soul for my love of creating art. Art is, after all, a form of personal self-expression. Through my art, I express my tears, my joy, my pain, my sorrows. I spread love with my messages of hope for tomorrow.

Corey Feldman performs ‘Go 4 It’ live on TODAY


As an artist, I’ve been bullied, I’ve been picked on strictly because I spread a message of love.

As an artist, I take chances by creating new dances, and I risk it all while trying not “2” fall.

As an artist, if I fail and make mistakes, that’s when my critics have a field day. However, the most painful part is when you get it all right, and remember all the parts, yet you open your computer, and read comments that would tear a hole through any commoners’ hearts.

As an artist, I must stand strong. I must keep moving forward, no matter what. Baring my heart through my song. But just like the rest of you, I only strive to belong.

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As an artist, I’m predisposed to be overly critical of my own imperfections, and my unfashionable clothes, because my creative mind may see things quite differently than others. But that doesn’t make us any less brothers and sisters, after we are all connected. Though our egos try to lie and tell us we are all unique, as if we were the only one selected.

As an artist, I simply do all that I can to bring a bit of joy and entertainment for my fellow man.

I’m no better than you; I’m no less of a man. But I’m a flawed, fearless artist, presenting a band. My hope is you will see me, hear and feel me, and one day understand, that underneath the art, I’m simply a man.