Britney won’t play killer lesbian stripper

Britney Spears might have kissed Madonna at the VMAs in 2003, but don’t expect her to play a killer lesbian stripper in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming film.

Britain’s Daily Telegraph reported that the pop star would return to the big screen in a Tarantino-directed remake of the 1965 cult film “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!”

“Quentin is convinced Britney will be brilliant. She’s delighted. She thinks it could turn her career around,” a source told the British paper. “It is perfect Tarantino material. He wanted to get Britney first. She’s playing the most important character.”

A rep for Brit denied the reports, telling Access Hollywood, “Though she definitely intends to explore acting roles down the road, right now she’s concentrating on recording her next album.”

Brit’s camp weren’t the ones shooting down the outlandish casting.

A source close to Quentin Tarantino told Access, “There is no truth to this.”