13-year-old punches officer on ‘Beyond Scared Straight’

Most of the at-risk teens who appear on A&E’s “Beyond Scared Straight” put on a big show of bad attitudes at first and fall in line as they continue through the prison-based program. But 13-year-old Leigh went way beyond a bad attitude when she punched a corrections officer on Thursday night’s episode.

Yes, before Leigh, a self-proclaimed gangster, got around to the “scared” part of the program, she found herself face-to-face with one officer who wouldn’t back down.

“You want to hit me?” the officer asked the teen, who was busy running in place with her fists at the ready.

“Yes, ma’am,” an oddly polite Leigh shot back.

Then, thanks to some arguably bad judgment from both parties, things got out of hand fast.

“Hit me if you want to,” the officer taunted.

And that’s just what Leigh did, right before getting cuffed by the many other officers on hand.

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