You won’t believe how much these Florida gas stations charge

It’s the last chance to refill your rental car before dropping it off at the airport, and it’s going to cost you.

Florida gas station charges almost $6 per gallon


A Rossen Reports investigation found two gas stations in Orlando, Florida, a Suncoast Energys and a Sun Gas, the last two on Butler National Drive before the Orlando International Airport, charging up to $6 per gallon. That’s well above the current average area price of $2.62

Besides a nearby Shell station, they’re the only ones in the country charging that high above the area average, according to price data.

And while most gas stations have a big sign on the side of the main road showing you their prices, at one gas station, the sign was located on a side street, at ground level.

Rossen spoke with motorists who were surprised when they got to the pump and discovered how much they would be paying. One woman thought she must have pressed the wrong button.

Some still chose to pay because it’s still cheaper than getting fined by the car rental agency for returning a car without a full tank.

And it’s technically legal since you can see the signs from the street.

“In the state of Florida, there is no price gouging law unless there’s a declared state of emergency,” said Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst for “They can do whatever they want.”

When asked why the gas station’s prices were so high, one manager only said, “Location.”

Experts say the best way to avoid these kinds of charges is to around. Don’t just pull into the first gas station you see. Map out where the best deals are with gas price sites and apps like GasBuddy, or use the price comparison features inside Yelp or Waze.

Rossen Reports reached out to both gas stations multiple times asking to speak with the owners for further comment. We didn’t receive a response from either station owner.