Wendy’s employee praised for assisting a blind couple at New Mexico restaurant

While it’s easy to focus on the many fast food dollar-deal wars or ways rival chains celebrate prom season, it’s really wonderful to be able to see something truly meaningful happen in a burger spot.

At a Wendy’s restaurant in New Mexico, one employee’s simple (yet immensely kind) act is winning accolades across social media.

On Sunday, Wendy’s customer Cindy Griswold was sitting down to enjoy her meal when she noticed a fast food worker (later identified as restaurant employee Richard Wise-Attwood) going “the extra mile” to assist two blind patrons. According to Griswold, who later posted about the incident on Facebook, Wise-Attwood not only took the couple’s orders, but helped get them seated and even brought them their meal.

“So this Wendy’s employee, took care of this two blind customers with so much love! He didn’t do it because is [sic] part of his job, he did it because he wanted to help from the bottom of his heart,” Griswold said in her post. “I went and [thanked] “Richard” because these little things are a big impact on people’s lives and such a positive attitude the way he made them feel.”

Wise-Attwood did not know Griswold had taken any pictures of his thoughtful act at the time.

“He made sure the table was in a good spot and he carried the sodas, straws, napkins, ketchup and of course, he place the food in the right order, so they knew who’s sandwich was in front of them. He went back several times to make sure everything was fine,” she continued. “We need more “Richard’s” in this world.”

The story has since received praise from users on Twitter and Facebook, who have called Wise-Attwood’s deed a “true blessing” and saying he has a “heart of gold.”

Speaking with New Mexico’s KRQE, Wise-Attwood said, “I just took over the situation. I just asked them what they would like to drink, helped them get their drinks, sat them down.”

He continued, “They were cool, they were real nice, didn’t bother anybody, they didn’t ask for help. I just did it because I knew they needed it.”

When reached via email, a spokesperson for Wendy’s confirmed that the chain would be rewarding their employee with a few tokens of appreciation.

“Richard will be recognized during a special celebration at his restaurant,” the spokesperson said, adding that the franchise operator “will present Richard with a $100 gift card, a signed apron from Wendy [daughter of Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas], as well as other special gifts.”

Wise-Attwood is also being nominated for the franchise owner’s “JAEStar program, which rewards employees that model Dave Thomas’ core values such as doing the right thing and treating people with respect.”

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