This McDonald’s-style brainteaser has left people starving for the right answer

A brainteaser involving what looks like some simple math with McDonald’s burgers and fries has left people starving for the correct answer.

The latest math head-scratcher tantalizing the internet was posted on Facebook by a Philippines-based blogger named Keril, who wrote that there are “98% fails” when it comes to solving it.

McDonald's brain teaser
Can you solve this McDonald’s-style brainteaser? Keril / Facebook

More than 1,600 people have given it a shot with many posting erroneous responses.

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The key is to first determine how much each item is worth. The drink is clearly worth 10, and it’s apparent from the second line that the burgers are worth five.

Pictures of the fries are each worth two, but you have to keep in mind that each individual packet of fries is worth one when you get to the next line. That has baited people into thinking, incorrectly, that the last line is 5 + 2 x 10.

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The fourth line has also thrown many people off because it involves order of operations after already including the tricky single packet of fries.

Multiplication comes before addition, so you have to multiply one packet of fries by one drink and then add that to one burger. Thus, 5 + (1×10) = 15.

It’s enough brain-teasing math to work up an appetite.

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