Stop ice cream from dripping! 3 simple summer hacks you’ve got to try

Lifestyle expert Evette Rios shares three smart tips to address common summer problems.

Make Memorial Day mess-free: Tips to stop ice cream drips, more


How to prevent dripping ice cream

How annoying is it when you’re enjoying a cool ice cream cone on a hot day and the ice cream starts dripping from the bottom of the cone?! That will never happen again thanks to this trick! Just put a marshmallow in the bottom of the cone before scooping in the ice cream. The marshmallow will absorb the ice cream from the inside and you’ll have an extra sweet treat at the end.

boy eating ice cream
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Start a fire fast

If you’re on a camping trip and need to start a fire, place some charcoal briquettes in a cardboard egg carton, ignite the carton, and by the time the cardboard is completely burnt away the briquettes will be lit.

Note: This only works with cardboard cartons. Do NOT try using the styrofoam ones.

Avoid a soggy-bottom picnic

We all love a picnic, but hate the mess of a soggy, grass-stained blanket. Say goodbye to that problem with this hack! Just pack a shower curtain liner along with the rest of you picnic essentials and spread it out onto the grass underneath your blanket. It will keep everyone clean and dry!