How Michelle Obama is staying fit after leaving the White House

Sick of ruining your diet thanks to another weekend brunch? You might want to steal this healthy idea from former first lady, Michelle Obama.

Obama’s time in the White House leading the Let’s Move program may be over, but her dedication to health and fitness is still going strong. She recently shared a a few photos on her Instagram page from last weekend — where she hosted a “bootcamp weekend” for her friends.

File this under things you probably already assumed: Michelle Obama has a seriously formidable forearm plank.

These weekend bootcamp classes aren’t a new tradition for the fit first lady and her crew — back when she was in the White House, she’d frequently hold the weekend gatherings for her closest friends.

“Our bootcamp weekends were a reminder that if we want to keep taking care of others, we need to take care of ourselves first,” she wrote.

For this group, that means lunges, crunches, glute bridges and more. Obama noted that it doesn’t matter that her friends are all “at varying fitness levels.” It’s about showing up!

We all know how easy it is too indulge a little bit too much on the weekends with our friends and family. For most of us, we catch up with our loved ones over a side (or two) or fries. If you’re looking for a way to see your friends and stay on track with your health goals, a great alternative is a fun activity or workout that gets you moving — just like Obama and her squad.

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Not feeling ambitious enough to jump into a bootcamp on your day off? Don’t worry — there are endless options to stay active while being social. Walking in the park, going for a bike ride or trying a new workout class with friends are all easy ways to stay healthy together.

Any type of physical activity is a step in the right direction for having a better, more productive weekend!

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