Deal Alert: This Nokia smart scale is 40 percent off

Having a healthy body is much more than just the number on the scale. How many of those pounds are muscle? How many of those pounds are water? How many of those pounds are just the skeleton that holds you up?

This Nokia Body Cardio smart scale does all the calculating for you, and it’s 40 percent off right now.

Body Cardio Smart Scale, $90 (usually $150), Nokia

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Body Cardio Smart Scale


Last year, I bought a basic scale to help with my weight loss goals. It didn’t do much.

This scale, on the other hand, connects to Nokia’s Health Mate app your phone or smartwatch to deliver detailed statistics on your body composition, heart rate and more.

Using the app, you can also input information on your sleep habits, diet and even track progress in pregnancy. You can also set goals and the app will deliver tips and encouragement on your weight loss journey.

Smart Scale App
All the stats are in one place on the app. Nokia

Once, at a very pricey gym, I was given these kinds of insights into my own health. Even then, I was only allowed to take advantage of the body composition machines one single time, so I wasn’t really able to track my progress.

Considering this scale is cheaper than a single month of my old gym membership, I might buy this smart scale for some motivation and extra insight into my health this fall.

Body Cardio Smart Scale, $90, Nokia

Body Cardio Smart Scale