This 1 DIY feature turned an outdated bathroom into a modern marvel

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the average bathroom remodel in 2016 cost a little over $10,000 with 20 percent of that being spent on labor. But if you can do most of the work yourself, just think about the savings.

Tasha Agruso, blogger at Designer Trapped In a Lawyer’s Body, did just that, and the money she ended up saving was phenomenal. For half that average price, a total of $5,000, she was able to completely remodel the dark and outdated bathroom in her home, turning it into a modern space with a clean look and fun pops of color.

bathroom transformation
Before the remodel, this bathroom felt outdated with old tiles and dingy carpet. Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body

One of the most dramatic differences is the use of white subway tiles in the bathtub/shower area and wall. Agruso said it was a ton of work, but completely worth it.

DIY bathroom remodel
After the remodel, the bathroom feels clean and modern.Designer Trapped In a Lawyer’s Body

“It just makes all the difference in the world,” she wrote on her blog. “It serves as the perfect backdrop for this awesome lucite shelves I found at Homegoods. “They just wouldn’t pop the same way if this wall was just painted.”

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These lucite shelves really pop against the subway tile.
These lucite shelves really pop against the subway tile.Designer Trapped In a Lawyer’s Body

A unique design feature is the penny tile used in the shower niches. “I love the contrast and visual interest it adds,” she said.

DIY bathroom remodel
Penny tile in the shower niches adds texture and interest.

The outdated cabinets were replaced with a walnut hue, and the counter and sinks were updated, too. Agruso also replaced the tub, toilet and hardware — basically everything in the room is new.

DIY bathroom remodel
New cabinets and countertop give the room an fresher feel.Designer Trapped In a Lawyer’s Body

A fun detail is the rustic, farmhouse-style towel hooks she ordered from Decor Steals. They next to a gallery wall of original artwork from her daughters and pages from inexpensive art print books. “Throw in some fun geometric wall vases with air plants and it was a wrap,” she said. “I love how it turned out.”

DIY bathroom remodel
Unique towel hooks hang on the gallery wall filled with pictures by her kids.Designer Trapped In a Lawyer’s Body

While Agruso and her family did most of the work themselves, they did hire professional help for some plumbing and drywall work, costing about $1,500. “See how quickly labor adds up when you don’t do it yourself?” she pointed out.

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