Remove nails with a fork? 6 D-I-Y tools with handy everyday items

It doesn’t always require a fully-loaded tool box to get household projects done. HGTV magazine’s Sara Peterson stopped by Studio 1A on Thursday to show Al and Willie how everyday objects around the house can serve as tools to help get the job done. 

Use a water bottle as a level. 

Doing have a level at home? Grab an empty plastic water bottle. Fill it with water to the first ridge and place the bottle on top of the object you are trying to hang. Adjust the product until the water lines up with the ridge.

“If women want to motivate their husbands to do it, give them a beer to see it,” Al suggested.

Apply baby oil to remove latex paint. 

Painting a room leaves color on the walls — and often on skin as well. Remove latex paint from your hands by reaching for the baby oil. “It’s my secret ingredient for cleaning it up,” Peterson said. Just rub a small amount on the skin and the latex paint will come right off. 

Use magnets to retrieve lost screw or nails. 

Did a screw or nail fall behind a piece of furniture? No need for heavy lifting to retrieve it. Grab a magnet and tie it to a piece of string. Hang it down to where the screw is thought to be and the magnet will attract the screw with ease. “You will never lose a nail or screw again,” Peterson said.

Remove stripped screws with a rubber band. 

If a stripped screw is stuck in the wall, skip the fancy tools and grab a rubber band. Wrap the rubber band around the screw driver, then try again to remove the screw. The band will act as a grip for the screw and pull it right out.

Pull nails out from the wall with a fork. 

Need to pry out nails from the wall but can’t find the hammer? Pull out your stainless steel fork. The prongs can act has grippers for the nail, so line up the nail between the prongs and pull. 

Save the paint brush with a Ziploc bag

Taking a break while painting can be a tricky thing when dealing with the paint brush. Setting it aside can cause the paint to dry on the bristles and gunk up. Avoid this conundrum by placing the paint brush in a Ziploc bag with the handle out, then seal the bag around the handle. It will stay wet and fresh for up to an hour and a half. One note: This trick will only work with latex paint.