From slippers to stilettos: Tamron Hall’s morning routine

TODAY co-host Tamron Hall out on the plaza.
TODAY co-host Tamron Hall out on the plaza.Peter Kramer / Today

NBC News correspondent Tamron Hall is the anchor of MSNBC’s NewsNation, as well as a co-host of TODAY’s 9 a.m. hour, which means she’s on the move all morning long. Here, she shares her morning routine.

GOOD MORNING! Yes, I am yelling, because I am up and I want you awake too!

Well, not really — I wake up far more mellow than you might think.

Tamron's alarm goes off at 4:30am.
Rise and shine! This is what Tamron wakes up to every morning.Today

First things first, I hit the alarm. This one doubles as a digital frame but the light is supposed to ease you into life.

Next up, prayer and meditation. Yes, this book has been eaten by the dog. I’ve carried it around all over the world for 20-plus years: 

Early morning reading material.
Early morning reading material.Today

For me, starting the day off this way gives me perspective and balance.

I then hit the Internet, reading any news that developed overnight. I’ve moved on from print papers — everything is digital for me. I have dozens of subscriptions, domestic and international.

Take us out, Tamron!
Take us out, Tamron!Today

Hey, wait wait! Oscar, don’t go on the floor! Let’s get the leashes and away we go — accident avoided. I know that even before I brush my teeth, these two — Oscar and May — have to go. Small dog, small bladder.

These shoes were made for (dog)walking.
These shoes were made for (dog)walking.Today

I head out in my favorite shoes — mornings are not right without them. My friends are plotting to destroy them!

Breakfast of champions: Tamron's fridge and morning juice.
Breakfast of champions: Tamron’s fridge and morning juice.Today

Breakfast, breakfast, what do I eat…Now, on Saturday and Sunday it’s pancakes, bacon, biscuits, French toast, mimosas, sausage, croissants — ok, let me stop. But during the work week, it’s steel cut oatmeal or a green smoothie. My favorite is made with soy yogurt, celery, spinach, and pineapple.

Now, off to work! I walk in the dressing room I inherited from Hoda and there to greet me are notes and info on the show.

My first conference call is with my NewsNation team at MSNBC — that’s at 6:30.

Thirty minutes or less: The Tamron Hall Makeup Rule.
Thirty minutes or less: The Tamron Hall Makeup Rule.Today

I start makeup here — you can see the yellow powder under my eyes. It’s my secret to minimizing the dark circles I was born with. Yes, I was the 5-year-old who looked like she had a hangover! These days, my dark circles are handled by Bobbi Brown Golden Orange 3.

I do my own makeup and hair. The rule: It has to be done in 30 minutes or less. The reason: I find more things to “fix” the longer I take. So if I give myself a time limit, I hope not to overdo it. Spider lashes are no good. My hair is naturally curly, so I do flat iron it daily to smooth the edges, but on the weekends I go heat-free. I use a little paste on the weekdays for lift.

Closet selfie! Inside the wide world of Tamron's outfit options.
Closet selfie! Inside the wide world of Tamron’s outfit options.Today

Now, to the closet. Before becoming an official family member of TODAY, I would pick out an entire week’s worth of clothes on Sunday night — shoes, dresses, earrings and oh, even my undergarments! It was a rule I’d followed since my morning TV days in Chicago: Rain or shine, I wouldn’t break the order selected.

The anguish of an untidy closet.
The anguish of an untidy closet.Today

Now I have broken my own rule and this face is a Virgo in pain. I love “law and order” — this closet freaks me out! I have vowed this week to get back to my pick-in-advance rule. I plan on doing it each Friday after work.

Tamron on the TODAY set with Carson Daly.
Tamron on the TODAY set with Carson Daly.Peter Kramer / Today

Next up, I meet with the “Take” team at 7:35 a.m. and again at 8:40-ish. Then it’s showtime!!

Tamron during TODAY's
Tamron during TODAY’s “Take,”discussing how often she takes showers.Today

Now, another meeting with NewsNation around 9:20 a.m. when Natalie reads the news. And then I’m out the door at 10 a.m., heading to MSNBC.

From slippers to stilettos!
From slippers to stilettos!Today

Now you know I go from these to these! #lovelife #smile

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