TODAY goes nuts for Halloween: ‘Peanuts’! See our Charlie Brown and the gang

Halloween is still a day away, but TODAY’s anchors got into their holiday getups bright and early Friday morning — and their group effort was totally nuts!

Halloween 2015: Good grief! The TODAY gang goes ‘Peanuts’


Yes, our gang showed up as Charles Schulz’s “Peanuts” gang for this year’s celebration.

TODAY Halloween show reveal, Peanuts gang.
TODAY Halloween show reveal, Peanuts gang.Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

Al Roker, who offered a mysterious tease of his costume Thursday, suited up as everyone’s favorite beleaguered protagonist Charlie Brown.

Charlie Brown and Al Roker
Charlie Brown and Al RokerPeanuts; TODAY

Or as he put it, “I’m actually Charlie James Brown!”

Here’s hoping he gets more than a rock if he goes trick-or-treating later.

How we pulled off the ‘Peanuts’ Halloween transformation


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As for Matt Lauer, he tapped into his feminine side for the holiday — as he’s done before (and before that … and, you get the idea). This time he dressed up and the comic’s snarkiest kid, Lucy.

Lucy and Matt Lauer
Lucy and Matt LauerPeanuts; TODAY

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Savannah Guthrie channeled Charlie Brown’s yellow-haired, Linus-loving little sister, Sally.

Sally and Savannah Guthrie
Sally and Savannah GuthriePeanuts; TODAY

And, of course, where there’s Sally, her “Sweet Baboo” — played to perfection by a blanket-clutching Carson Daly — can’t be far behind.

Linus and Carson Daly
Linus and Carson DalyPeanuts; TODAY

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Natalie Morales decked out as the intellectual Marcie, while Tamron Hall took on the role of Marcie’s athletic BFF Peppermint Patty.

Marcie and Natalie Morales
Marcie and Natalie MoralesPeanuts; TODAY
Peppermint Patty and Tamron Hall
Peppermint Patty and Tamron HallPeanuts; TODAY
TODAY Halloween show reveal, Peanuts gang.
TODAY Halloween show reveal, Peanuts gang.Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

“Can we just point out Tamron needs a pedicure?” Natalie said of her pal.

TODAY celebrates Halloween.
TODAY celebrates Halloween.TODAY

Willie Geist dressed as piano man — well, piano boy — Schroeder.

Schroeder and Willie Geist
Schroeder and Willie GeistPeanuts; TODAY

Matt was a big fan of the look.

TODAY celebrates Halloween.
TODAY celebrates Halloween.TODAY
TODAY celebrates Halloween
TODAY celebrates HalloweenTODAY

Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford represented Team Animal as beloved duo Snoopy and Woodstock, respectively.

Snoopy and Hoda Kotb
Snoopy and Hoda KotbPeanuts; TODAY
Woodstock and Kathie Lee Gifford
Woodstock and Kathie Lee GiffordPeanuts; TODAY

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And Dylan Dryer really got into the weather by catching the breeze as Charlie Brown’s kite!

TODAY celebrates Halloween.
TODAY celebrates Halloween.TODAY

Finally, our pal and former TODAY anchor Meredith Vieira stopped by and rounded out the “Peanuts” family as the dirty, dusty and downright lovable Pig Pen.

Pig Pen and Meredith Vieira
Pig Pen and Meredith VieiraPeanuts; TODAY

Good grief! What a group.

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